Jackson Hole Robotics

Genevieve and her teammates compete in the Lego Robotics competition.

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Genevieve’s Violin Recital / December 2015

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Genevieve’s Violin Recital

Genevieve’s violin recital.

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Dropping In

Jackie Boy’s first drop into Corbet’s Couloir.

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Getting the Tree // 2104

Out for the annual Jenkins’ Christmas tree adventure.  Flash back to the 2008 adventure, the years are flying by and now they call me Clark.

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Genevieve’s 8th Birthday Dance Party

Genevieve’s 8th birthday dance party at the Old Wilson School House. Watch this one afterwards, ring pop’s never go out of style or this jewel too.



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Learning the Roll

Learning How to Roll my Kayak
Jackie Boy learning in the roll clinic with Rendezvous River Sports how to roll a kayak.

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Christmas Tree Hunting // 2013

The annual Jenkins family outing to find that special tree.

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2013 Fall Elk

Fall Elk Hunt in Porcupine Creek, Wyo.


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Memorial Day on Jenny Lake

Memorial Day on Jenny Lake and a side hike up to Hidden Falls. See the photos larger.

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